EBF Accomplishments


BambooTreatment against Powderpost Beetle by Vertical Soak Diffusion (VSD Method 1996-2003) Manual Published 2003

Results to Date: VSD -Method implemented in East Timor, Sulawesi, Indonesia, Bali Indonesia, Jamaica, Ecuador

Bamboo Reclamation, 30 species of bamboo planted for Freeport Mining in Irian Jaya, Indonesia, 1996-2003

1997 Research re drought resistant bamboo with University of West Timor, Indonesia

Splitting of Bamboo

Database of species for Design and Architecture Archiving of Bamboo Info

Library with 600 various publications on bamboo development

Survey of Bamboo Resource Base in Flores, 1993

Bamboo Building: 250 schools built with World Bank support, 1993-96

Bamboo Planting: 8 different pilot projects of bamboo planting at EBF nursery in Bali, 1995-2003

Bamboo Bufferzone planted around National Forest in Lombok, Indonesia, 1997

East Timor: Setting up bamboo nursery, help implement Government policies on bamboo housing. Setting up bamboo treatment plant with local NGO. Survey of resource base, 1999-2003

Sumatra Pulp and Paper, 5 pilot projects, 2003

Bali Watershed reclamation on 100 hectars of degraded land, 2002-2004

8 Manuals developed in Indonesia on any aspects of Bamboo training, from housing to crafts, propagation, preservation, engineering funded by USAID. 6-week training course 30 participants from all over Indonesia

Worked with a team to establish national bamboo strategy for the Ministry of Forestry & Environment of Indonesia; financed publication of the English and Indonesian version.

Within the US: RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) 3 years of bamboo programs in furniture department, industrial design, architecture department (South American Architect Simon Velez did a house building workshop)

University Venice, Italy, bamboo program in furniture & accessories, Germany: Potsdam University students in Bali for credits, 2003-2004

Newspapers Financial Times Intern. Herald Tribune, Sunday Times UK

Magazines GEO, Germany, Reader's Digest, Technology Review, MIT, Architectural Digest, (5 issues, 3 covers) Television CNN 2 Specials, BBC Earth Report

TV, CNN, 2 specials BBC Earth Report

Radio, BBC UK, Australian Radio, Indonesian Radio

Books, Quoted in Mega trends Asia by P. Nesbitt

Book in progress

Video on VSD Preservation Method (download from this website)

CIFOR (International Forestry Research) Conference in Jakarta, Indonesia, 1994

First Bamboo Music Festival, 1 day event, 2000 attending, 1994

4th World Bamboo Conference, 4 days, 2700 attending from 52 countries, 1995

Conference with 10 Ministers of Indonesian Government to present 'Why Bamboo'

Regular Educational Events for students in Indonesia

UPAKERTI (Unselfish Contribution to a Nation Award) from the President of Indonesia

Honorary PHD from the University of Delhi, India

MINAMATA Environmental Award, Japan

Unique Leadership Award from ZERI (Zero Emission Research Institute)

Architectural Digest Design Award as one of the 50 top designers chosen for their Millenium Edition